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I need your attention.

THANKS, I am pretty different and pretty crazy if you don’t have a mind of your own but I need your help. There will be no need to mention how nuts I am in the comments but I don’t want to hear about it if you are ugly.

If you are ugly to me you don’t believe in truth about beauty.

There are a whole lot of crazy rules around here because this is mine. The rules are mine. You can try to influence me but the idea that help me and are based on the truth.

My Truth, Your Truth? Here it is My Truth. This whole place is for My friends wroth having so we can be off twitter, off Facebook, off all the crooks websites stealing your information and selling your souls to advertising.

I have shared ideas work and businesses and lost over and over until now I want it all back and more. I want loyalty. If you think that is strange to ask for it is because the world is rotten and loyalty makes things great again.

I invented a social network website long before “my space”. Long before CIA Book facebook used to upset entire countries of low educated people, low education about he whole world on the global scale.

Then there was Tagged. What the hell happened there. It was OK then good, then I met someone who saved my life. Then it was invaded with brown retarded Muslim men who pretend to be beautiful but shitty personality European women. And Blacks.

These aren’t your normal good blacks but your ugly majority where the men and the women are tattooed indecent and gangster criminals looking fugliness.