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Welcome to Friends Worth Having

Friends Worth Having

Liking something used to be a human emotion.

Friends Worth Having is an organic SEO goal mine. Without a proper server we only one for a few hours at a time and get flooded with traffic.

With the entire month of January 2015 Turned Off and a couple of days off the tail of May 2015.. this is a stat picture.

Unique visitors
<= 40,478 Exact value not available in ‘Year’ view

Number of visits
130,997 (3.23 visits/visitor)

947,584 (7.23 Pages/Visit)

950,711 (7.25 Hits/Visit)

51.67 GB (413.61 KB/Visit)

For Sale Asking $455,000

Includes 90 day of transitional development.

F.W.H. requires a skeleton staff of 5 at a cost of $25K per month in total to operate and generate income. Income plans are varied and unlimited. Income entirely depends on decisions people make.