Social Network of True Friends

True Friends are not friends of friends or strangers that appear on your page and comment on your comments when you have no idea who they are.

At this domain, no one monitors your language, PERIOD.

Swear if that’s your thing even if it makes you look like you lack a full vocabulary. That’s your right. Go ahead and be angry at badness you see in the world. Go ahead and support those who are having their voice and freedom ignored. Be you, and be well.

Call it like you see it with your friends worth having.

I was the first social network creator (not this site) 7 years before FB. Our privacy and our community standards do not exist. The freedom of expression in Canada and the Freedom of Speech in American is the ONLY law we accept. Unless that changes, we are here for you.

Asian, Indian and Russian spam artists use software to regularly fill these sites with advertising links. We remove them regularly. If you are inactive you may be removed. If you are removed by accident we will restore your account right away.

Have a great day.

PS One more important point. If you want your own social network we can do that for you. You can have your own domain name, hosting your site, software to control your site all for under 100$ a year plus traffic if required. You can monetize it in any way you like and we can help with suggestions on how to do that. Use your imagination.